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Congratulations! She's lovely, you must be so proud.

The Acolyte, Rowdy & Mrs. Theologian

A big hurray from us to you! Looking forward to hearing more after ya'll get some rest. She is precious!


Congrats guys!!! We are just so thrilled for you, she looks so beautiful and healthy. Its hard to imagine that she's really here. We are having a toast to you right now. Post lotsa pictures!

We love you guys :)


Johnny the Horse

Thanks guys. We are stunningly happy and taking pictures by the bushel. Once she's home we'll get her writing her own entries slightly modified by Dad. Sounds strange. "Dad".


She's lovely. Many many congratulations to you both.

Well, to all three of you, really. :)


Congrats to you both. She's gorgeous - love the name too.


Wow, congratulations!!! She IS beautiful!!

I love that in the picture you are, obligingly looking at the camera as though someone had to call to get your attention, and your wife just can't even take her eyes off the baby. You both look very, very happy.


She's the most beautiful little baby - Congratulations to you both!

There's that breathless moment just when they're born isn't there, when you suddenly go "Dear God its a BABY" and then love smacks you like a Mack truck and your whole life changes forever.

Wishing you lots of joy with lovely Midge.

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