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Rowdy Theologian

That's funny, T and I spent two nights in the hospital after delivering the Acolyte. They spent one night at home, then we had to turn around for another night in the hospital...only that second visit, before getting a bed, required a 6 hour wait on a hard chair. The staff were generous enough to give us a private waiting room so the 3-day old didn't have to share the waiting room with really sick folks, but still, having to watch T sit upright for so long, so shortly after delivering had me in a steam too. But all ended well the following day.
Wish we could swing by for a second, but for the time being a care package will have to suffice...keep an eye on the post.


Wow, that's harsh. You would think that a new mum would have a proper bed.

Before we left the hospital we asked the doctor to take a look at Midge as she was looking ill, not feeding and sleeping more than was considered normal. They told us we were just fussing and sent us home as they wanted the bed. I pushed, and they did some tests, but still told us to go home as they knew the results would be negative. Within 10 minutes of walking in the door we were called back for treatment, which was bad enough, but then were told we would have to pay for Mrs A. to stay as we had chosen to leave early and then come back. I'm a reasonably placid guy, but I gave off a salvo reminiscent of the battle of Midway. But my girls are home now and that is a better feeling than I can describe.

I'll keep an eye on the mail!

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