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Very clever.


We had a brainstorm at work about the kind of sensitive multicultural shows that a station like us should be broadcasting. We, well mostly me, came up with:

It's a wog-out - we determine once and for all which ethnicity is superior, through the medium of obstacle courses.

Guess who's coming to Australia? - Big Brother for potential immigrants. Australia votes to 'deport' or 'save' them each week, and the winner gets a visa.

My god's bigger than your god - see "It's a Wog-out", but with religions instead.

I think we can get at least one of these up for Australia Council funding.


These just made my morning. Too funny.


Also, I think there should be a show set in a Gaza Strip hotel. The proprietor has to assist local Israeli forces, or they will have him arrested. And he has to help out the Palestinian militants, or they will kill him.

I call it, "Allah Allah". It's basically "Allo allo" set in the modern middle-east.


I'm loving all of these. Especially for some reason the OK corral one... I can just see the corral all painted revolted colours and with new window dressings and something modular made out of chipboard for storage.


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