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Fourth Son

But where are Jake and Elwood?

Whilst watching one or two of these wonderous selections (namely "Planet Earth" - Duran Duran) something clicked in the dark corners of my mind. A link from present to past in the form of homage to a fabulous clip. Select "Planet Earth" Start - Full Screen, then pause, open a new window/tab then select Dandy Warhols "The Last High" Full Screen, pause. Reduce the two to fit one above the other and play.

Very interesting - I just think a modern homage to a classic piece.

How many others can you spot?

Metal Monkey

"There is much information to be garnered by a persons taste in music". That is very true and explains soooo much.

Also, Captain Sensible? I'm amazed there was a copy of that song or anything of his at all. I know very few people who have ever heard of him.

Nice selection cuz.


F.S Yes there is an amazing resemblance isn't there.

M.M You know Captain Sensible? Via the damned I assume? "Wot" must have been released before you were born.

Metal Monkey

Indeed it was via the Damned.

Just because its before my time don't stop my appreciation :P


Snooping through peoples music collections is a great way to learn about people.

I did get in trouble one day for not being able to control myself and laughing out loud that a friend of my wife had a Michael Bolton CD.


Let's face it. he should be banned or possibly killed slowly.

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