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You know - when I worked in a bookshop, I was constantly stunned that patrons coming into to look for "Death of a Salesman" would look under "literature" rather than "plays" because they didn't realize it was a play. (This happened much more frequently than one might imagine.

However - for a bookseller not to know that a person in a bookstore looking for David Copperfield probably doesn't want to learn how to walk through the Great Wall of China...oh...sigh...I think I may weep.

Steve Jones

I am ashamed about the experience you have had in my store. I would have personally thought that David Copperfield, the book, was far more famous than the magician. Thank you for publishing your experence on your blog. I will make sure any feedback you have given is acted upon quickly.

Steve Jones
Store Manager
Books Kinokuniya


It would appear that a rule of thumb when hiring book shop staff is if they can use a computer to look the book up then they're good to go. I get really annoyed with this here, they shouldn't have to look at a screen to talk to me about the books I want.


Book stores, for the most part these days, are a joke.


Dear Steve

I must say that logging on to the blog today and reading your comment was quite a surprise. Thank you for taking the time. I manage a business too, and have had occasions where staff error has caused me to spend time and effort repairing relations with customers, so I both appreciate and understand what you have done. Rest assured that I will be back to Kinokuniya based on your response, and also understand that the situation is not one that is specific to your shop or even to your industry.



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