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Allow me to quote the inimitable Bill Bailey:

"Philosophers spend their whole life wondering about the meaning of life, and just before they die they think, 'OH! I could have been down the pub with me mates, having a laugh.'"

Fourth Son

Rechargable Batteries will do wonders for the growth and nurturing of that that will bring the warm inner glow....and yeah its good for the kid's stuff too!!

You will find the meaning of life in the wee small hours when you look upon the scrunched up angelic face that is making enough noise, that even in Valhalla they will have cheese stuffed in their ears. It is then you know you are alive and it all falls into place.

Rowdy Theologian

I'm sure there's got to be a compromise. Aren't there any stores that sell giant plush Martin Heideggers?


All sound advice gentlemen. Bill Bailey is right of course and Heidegger Heidegger was a boozy beggar, which may tie in both arguments nicely. I'm still working on the ear cheese.

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