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I'm still offended that such an appalling piece of writing such as The Da Vinci Code could be a best seller. The controversy should be about the shit writing and not the hackneyed content.
Ultimately, though, I suppose it all comes back to the nature of Christ and of God and a fear of what ancestral DNA might reveal. After all, you'd expect something different given the alleged origins, wouldn't you?


I wonder what inherited family traits would be present? A fear of thorn bushes, a propensity to sleep with your arms at right angles to your body, being banned from the local swimming pool for freaking people out who were swimming under your feet and looking up your robes.


I was kinda hoping it would be the water into wine thing. Although if you reverse that trait then I think my mother must be descended from an anti-Christ - she does an awfully good job of turning wine...


I'm feeling left out having not read the book or seen the movie. But I do see the irony of the Church creating worldwide publicity for something they are actively denouncing.


If you must, Nyx, then I'd advocate seeing the movie [not that I have] because it'll take less time and you can take a goon-bag [you'll really really need it if they're faithful to the book].

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