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That is so funny. I have to say that I had no idea where either of those names came from!


Sounds like you had a great night. Wish I could have made it.


I had the best trip home. The only other people on the bus were a dozen young girls dressed up for a night out. Well, mostly dressed, anyway.

Terribly loud though, and sounding like teenaged versions of Kath and Kim, but screening out noise is what headphones are for.

Geez. At 23 I'm turning into a dirty old man.

Rowdy Theologian

T and I are hoping to relocate The Cloister to somewhere more spacious in the next 12 months or so. We could really use a backyard. The upstairs neighbors aren't too fond of me burning Tiki torches on my balcony, and the folks downstairs whine about the frisbee tournys I host in my livingroom.


S.D. At least you know I'm not either insane or overly boastful now.

Sponky. You would have been very welcome.

F.M. Good to see you, and many thanks for coming. Dirty old man / connoisseur, same same.

Rowdy. Give me a call. I'll bring the ute and give you a hand when you move.

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