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I'm sorry to see that JtH.

I like the "tripe". I was looking forward to the rest of the philosophy series too.

But a mans gotta do, and all that. Enjoy your break and come back soon, mkay?

Cool guitar photo too, by the by!

Rowdy Theologian

I know what you mean. It's been difficult for me to post with much frequency these days too. I try to at least throw in a weekly blurb, but when work gets so busy it's hard to relax your mind enough to come up with stuff others want to read. Quality counts more than quantity in my book anyway. We'll look forward to your return...


Sounds reasonable to me JtH, just make sure you come back.


This is sad. Hope you get inspired soon.

Miss Q

I come, you go. This blows, man.

Don't make me come over there and fight you.

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