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BWAH!! I always wondered what those things were like and how they dealt with real world driving.

Fourth Son

Hang on! A Woman telling you how/where to drive. Shouldn't that voice be coming from the back seat of the Ute!!


Hehehehe, made me chuckle.

Does it have an option to save your journeys to disk, so you can plot them out later using mapping software. Because *that would rock*.


Sponky - Once you get used to the fact that "Keep left" means take the next left exit that isn't 90 degrees so I won't tell you to actually "turn", it seems to work reasonably well.

F.S - You're right you know, I could have just hired your wife. (smiley face, smiley face. Don't show her this comment!!!)

F.M - The expensive ones have all that plus act as a bluetooth handsfree and have a headjob machine and inflate the tyres automatically. But I got the cheapy.


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