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Sensible man JtH. If only your brethren were all as intelligent.

I'm babysitting on Valentines.

How freaking romantic.

I hope Mrs. A. realises how lucky she is!

Fourth Son

Oh! by the way Johnny, can you and Mrs A. Look after Bulldozer Boy Tomorrow night - something has come up and I could use the favour?

I'll drop him off at 6 OK!

He will be dressed as Cupid and Mrs A. will think your just so romantic!

(Better go with the fake bow and arrows - don't think the cats will survive otherwise!)

Enjoy the night!!


Sure. Bring the little angel over. I've just bought a tattooists kit.


As a onetime florist shop owner I can assure you that the prices reflect the mark-ups from the rip-off flower wholesalers. There is a shortage on stuff like babys breath and other fillers which blows out everything proportionately. We were making rose orders in September the previous year, usually around 100 dozen at a markup of around 200% to other times of the year.....it sucked.

We had to shut down our internet server one Valentines Day.... could not cope.

Nevertheless a good florist shop will make 10 to 20% of their annual turnover on valentines.

Half a dozen roses for $85.... I should have stayed in the game!

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