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I'm a compolsive nail biter. But I don't just bite my nails though, I also start gnawing at the quick on the side of my nails and down my finger tips.

My fingers end up looking like I've been digging my way out of Monte Christo prison bare handed.


I'm a biter too I'm afraid. Its a disgusting habit, and for some reason blokes seem to get away with it where girls don't. See how deeply rooted the sexism is in our society?? LOL

I'd love to hear your soprano JtH!!


I have longer nails and I love the way I can tap rythmns out with them on a table and also of course 'that' blackboard noise - can't bring myself to do it but I love listening to it.


Well, I clip my nails just so I dont start biting them...
They are pretty handy when watching cricket matches though, eh?

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