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I pray to one day have a mattress such as this.


Jai and I bought a new mattress two years ago. A sealy posturapedic. The most amount of money I've ever spent on a peice of furniture. After two years we both still say "I love this bed" when we go to sleep at night.

I firmly believe that there are many things in life you can do on the cheap. Mattresses and toilet paper are not two of them.

Rowdy Theologian

I too can't wait till I get a real mattress. The wife and I still use the "temporary" twin size mattress we got when we moved to the States (6 years ago.)
At least good toilet paper is affordable. When it comes to decent mattress it's always a tough call, it or that trip to the space station with the cosmonauts for a mere $20 million.


When my ex left, we had just invested in a you beaut matress and a mega huge TV with the swooshy DVD/VCR in one to match.
I let him take the TV and DVD player, I kept the bed.

I have no regrets. There is no replacement for a good nights sleep.


Anti-snore for you or her?

I want a good mattress, too! I want a bigger and better bed. And a weird japanese pillow shaped and dressed as a man's arm so it can cuddle me or I can spoon it.

Or not.

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