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This is awful of me but I was laughing so hard [internally, of course..] at this. My last removalists were excellent, quite quick, arseholes [they criticised my packing skills - not my fault if my book collection is a trifle heavy], and they charged like wounded bulls but they never did ask me my star sign. Still, at least I didn't have to carry anything upstairs.
It's always a toss up, I guess.


I think the insecurity of wireless internet comes from when you take an ADSL connection and connect it to a wireless router (wireless within the home).

With the wireless internet you're thinking about, your computer (well technically your modem) picks up a signal from a nearby repeater station, much like a mobile phone.

I'm *fairly certain* that there's no security issue in that scenario. You should read further into the matter. (Then again, if you take your wireless signal and then share it wirelessly within your home, the security issue returns.)

Is that clearer, or did I just muddy the waters?


NPB - Mine still charged accordingly. Nearly $900.00 for the day.

FM - I had thought of doing the wireless router for the laptop which has centrino or some such. I will have to look into it further. I am currently typing from my new 'unwired' connection. So far so good.



I guess the trick now is to just stop moving. :D

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