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He he he he he.

Very clever.

I hope this isn't a sneaky ploy to warn us of your affliction with this problem, and the imminent closure of the B&B Man?? LOL


I like one of the remedies: "Get a grip". Brilliant; i'll remember that next time I have a crisis.

Rowdy Theologian

Grrr...TypePad's on the fritz again. Tried editing this morning it's a no go. They've posted a letter of apology and said their working on it. I'm a sad sad blogger.

Rowdy Theologian

P.S. I do know the difference between "their" and "they're." What I meant to say in the previous note was: "They've posted a letter of apology and said their oompa loompas are working on it."

--Nice save, Rowdy!

Thank you...wait, how'd you comment in the middle of my comment?

--Another TypePad bug.

Great. I'm a sad sad blogger.


Things okay over there, Chief?


Having a B&B man withdrawal over here!! Hope all is well??

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