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Rowdy Theologian

I like the combined "Tigger the Hobbit" myself.

Fourth Son

Now! He is your Godson and you still can't get his "first" name right. It was Tigglet, as his mother's n-name is Tigger. Just had to get that straight. Right...right.

Also I like the name you have know chosen.."Kitten". Gender Non-Specific and just cute.

Now I off to get some lunch!

Fourth Son AKA BFG


I knew that. I just thought the t was silent as in moront. Sorry bout that one chief.


Bubble. That's what I used to call Charli when she was in my stomach. Like those little airbubbles you get in contact that you just can't get rid of?

Now, she's either Charli Bubble, Charli Horse (!), Chuck, or The Mung Bean.


I called her Egg a couple times, too, if I remember correctly.

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