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i'm 16 and an employee of dragon books. i am extremely upset that we are closing down. i've been buying my books there since i was born!!! that's a long time! i have always noticed that the atmosphere inside dragon books is so warm and friendly. it's different to other bookshops, that only seem to want you to buy their books and get out. the owners are lovely and, ive never had another job before this one, but i know that it will be difficult to find a better place to work.

Johnny the Horse

Hey Romina. Thanks for stopping by. I should have said something about the employees! I hope it all works out for you. Sadly, even though I'll go elswhere to buy books other than Westfield from now on, I doubt that they will notice or care. Small business, and family run business (which is where I work too) seems to have no place and even less voice nowadays in the marketplace.

Good luck to all of you.

Johnny the Horse

Tim Gould at Reverberations feels the same. http://www.reverb.com.au/tgould/blog/ but I can't get onto his comments at the moments.

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