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Thanks for this. And I appreciate you dipping your toe in the political pool for a bit. Now go and have a beer!

I think as an employer it will make it easier for you to deal with the Unfair Dismssal laws which HAVE been a brimstone around the collective employers necks. The situation you describe of the boys to give that bloke the arse is actually exactly what I am going through at the moment. We had to ask the boss to throw the book at a guy we were "carrying".

The non-compolsary redundancy rules will also be an advantage for you as an employer under 100 people. This will no doubt make it easier to employ people without the thought of "What will happen if things go quiet?". You won't have that Sword of Damocales hanging over your head.

There may be a reduction in entitlements which as an employer is dead money.

As for unions, old style unions such as the one-time BLF (which really tarnished the union organization as a whole) will have their wings clipped a bit. I still think they are valid in the big end of town with a company that has an IR lawyer firm on the books for example.

These are a few concerns I have. 1.I know a lot of Kiwis who came here to work after similar reforms were enacted in NZ. The drop in wages and living standards were sharply felt by those in blue collar jobs. 2. The Patrick's case I think will be more commonplace. I'd say we are going to see Mining Industry Reform, Building Industry Reform just as we saw Waterfront Reform 3. The outsourcing of labour to labour hire firms. I've seen this happen at a couple of places. "You no longer work for us, you work for these guys who are our labour contractors. Here's your cheque.". I have a gut feeling that this may become more common place.

Maybe I'm being a bit of chicken little about the deal. I suppose we'll see in the upcoming months what happens and which way the unions and employers will approach it.

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