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Really good comments. I'm pretty much with you all the way here. Nice to read something unbiased on this topic for a change.


Sane, great post as always Johnny.

First time I've heard that the death penalty doesn't apply - although I know she was charged with importing a group one narcotic. Her prosecutor mentioned the death penalty again today as he filed his appeal (even though he still filed demanding life) and anti drugs groups like GRANAT have been protesting outside the court demanding the death penalty. If your info is right, it just says how much everyone is playing to the media and public emotion.


Did some checking. It seems she was charged under Narcotics Law No. 22/1997. Group 1 includes ganja. Group 1 penalties include death penalty (although the devil could be in the detailed interpretation and what you have heard may well be right). But putting the judges' comments about the height of the fight against drugs with reports like this (and the high number of African 'mules' accords with my friends assessment based on his prison work in other countries) and other statements makes me think....

Oh well. Your words of wisdom still stand.

Johnny the Horse

Thanks guys.

Saint - I am going off the Christopher Parnell book and a recent interview with him which taught me much I didn't know. The ABC reporter and he discussed the relative sentences that Shapelle could be charged with given the information at hand, (this was pre verdict) as they were similar to what he went through. I have not looked at any information of the charges since the verdict and things may indeed have changed from that earlier time. I should have delved further. Thanks for the info.


I've posted a link to this article via Steve Gilliard's Blog .

I commented about it being a classic media beat up. I've avoided it for that very reason.

Why is this drug bust any different to the others that are going on at the moment? Dunno, perhaps things are quiet at the moment.

Johnny the Horse

Thanks John. The media sensation caused by this event has been stunning to say the least. I am full of sympathy for Shapelle and hate the thought of what she will go through over the next few years, and I hope that people understand that. There is however something to be said for the many other Aussies, innocent or guilty, who face the same situation daily, and the amount of people talking of making the average Joe's of Indonesia suffer for the outrage has me worried.


Thanks Johnny. Your info still could be right...depending on how the law is interpreted and how sentences are applied...so I am not discounting it. I have now just got another doubt in my mind!


Nicely said Johnny.

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