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I'm born and bred in St George, currently living in Penshurst, and totally understand where you're coming from.
Unfortunately, at 25 years of age, I was born into the Westfield "culture" where local shops and even the horrible Supercentre were already dying.
I'm now trying to do my bit by supporting our local shops - one of the key reasons we chose Penshurst - so that they may be around for years to come.
We need the village atmosphere to remind us that there's more to life than shopping and consumption, and I enjoy our little shops so much more than the times I unfortunately have to trek up to Hurstville for something or other.
Thanks to the Internet even that is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Johnny the Horse

Hey Tim. Thanks for the visit. Good point about the internet. I've just written about the changes I see around me on the greatest change of them all. It is easier than writing everyone a letter though.


Great piece.

I've a couple of friends who worked in the old Colgate Palmolive factory which as an educated guess has become a block of half million dollar New York style loft apartments, with the old signwritten Colgate Palmolive sign left up in that neo-urban way.

Like most things working class and inner suburbs, Colgate Palmolive found itself way out west, much like the Balmain Tigers. Arnott's and others suffered the same fate, old time pubs with TILES on the floor and a smoke tray along the bar base are becoming rarer.... a recent trip to the Sackville had lost it's charm.

Pockets of resistance can be found... but on the whole most have taken the cash for land, uprooted and re-located.

This is sort of related.If you want a great Italian dining experience where the food is cheap, good and plentiful, give Leichardt a miss..... head for Hoxton Park, Fairfield and Smithfield where you'll find Italian restaraunts and supermarkets in some rather strange locations. Add to this, the Marconi Club with a mainly Italian clientele. An entree sized bowl of hot olives with a large serving of Vienna bread is a meal in itself for this Anglo. A lot of them swapped the terrace for a decent block of land and a new house. (My ex-wife's family included). The restaraunts with simple Italian food in real Italian sized helpings followed.


I live in Balmain,Gladstone st now, and i have to admitt that Balmain is changing alot. apart from the usuall, but places such as white bay, when i was little i used to ride down there and whatch the long-rig trucks pull up with the containers.....sweet childhood. now they want to build houses. Balmain was always a working part of the habour, and i feel that it should stay that way


Yes, I agree. The shipping terminal at the end of Church street had more sould than the ugly housing estate there now.

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