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I'm partial to Sporty too. ;P

I have about 8 gbs of songs on my machine (no iPod yet, no need for one), and sometimes i just play the Library in shuffle. Man, some of the stuff I've downloaded over the years is shocking!!... but I love them still.

Fourth Son

Will the Spice Girls ever be stopped!!!

Although Mel C (Sporty) remains the only talented one and her music I do quite enjoy.

But this Spice Girl chatter must be stopped - thats it! or the iPod gets it!!!!!!!!!


PRUNE IT!!!!! And prune it hard.......... after all, the coming winter is the season to sharpen the secateurs and chop out all that, cancerous, wasteful dead wood.

Kajagoogoo does have an expiry date, even though it did sound cool all those years ago.

Now off to practice what I preach..... culling the "big hair,little man" numbers in my 960 odd playlist.

Gary LaPointe

Since you mentioned covers, you should check out Coverville (http://coverville.com/) a podcast (mp3 radio show) on covers and who covered who and other interesting trivia related to the song...

Johnny the Horse

OM - I want to but my OCD doesn't allow me to skip anything in my collection :)

Gary - There are some gems in there. Also some really scary stuff.

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