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"that zee should be pronounces zed" ??

no... "Z" is pronounced zee. :)

Rowdy Theologian

I think President Bush downloaded that tune just to pump himself up for his meeting at the Crawford ranch earlier this week with Ariel Sharon.


FYI: "Zed" is a Canadian thing and I'm not so much worried that the President has "My Sharona" on his iPod but I am worried that he has the time for little distractions like listening to The Knack instead of taking care of the big issues. Come to think of it, it can take hours of surfing through the catalog to find the songs you want--who's loading up his iPod? I'd hate to think of him in a meeting with, say, the Joint Chiefs while he's scrolling through song lists at apple.com.


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. It just goes to show that most of our knowledge of other countries is limited to what we learn from the media. Unfortunately, sometimes are impressions are, thus, incorrect, until we are actually able to experience that country firsthand.

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