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my Amazon dot com roder finally came last night! i will commence with O Henry and then i'm moving on to Breece D'J Pancake. don't ask me how to pronounce that D'J--must me something along the lines of Didge or dudge maybe. just call him pancake.


Funnily, as I read this line:
"...my dream of buying a smoking jacket, a pipe, a medieval manor house complete with library, and spending my time in the gentlemanly pursuit of doing fuck all...

I thought to myself, "Hey - that's *my* dream to."

Should your wallet and my wallet (who are clearly in cahoots and keeping us from our destinies) every lighten up, I would gladly agree to be your arch nemesis; we can plan elaborate plans in front of roaring fires in our respective libraries - and fail phenomenally at ever actually defeating one another.

(And it's not so much that I love the nest parenthesis - it's just my thought process is so tangential that it seems the only way to tame it.(after all, it's either nested parenthesis or actually learning proper grammar).

I much enjoyed this post, btw.


sounds like you had a great easter. I literally sat on my butt for the weekend.

Digital Fortress is not great. Its his first book, but I read it last.

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