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Now it's PG14 rated.

What a cute little guy, the baby that is.

Johnny the Horse

He's a good looking little fella, and has a wicked laugh.


Your viewpoint is required at the following post:



Hi JtH,

My daughter is here with me. She studied Australia and says she is reluctant to go to Australia because there are fierce animals there such as the dingos and crocodiles. I said those animals aren't any worse than say a grizzly bear, but she needs to hear it from a native Australian.

Here she is: (It's now 7:05 pm, lets see how long it takes her to type and post)

Mom is crazy! She never said they were no more dangerous than grizzly bears. Is it true that there are 400 birds not found anywhere else in the world? I would like to go to Australia I just don`t want to meet the dangers.

Johnny the Horse

Dear Mini WB,

Yes. Your mother is crazy. That's settled then.

You know, I would love to come to Canada, but the Grizzly bears frighten me almost as much as freezing to death. But I suppose that you don't see too many bears driving down the main road, so it's pretty safe. The bears and the people tend to live separately and try not to annoy each other. I once lived next to a grizzly bear and his music was so loud I couldn't sleep, but I never said anything, because I like Canadians.

The Dingos and the Crocs can't afford the high rental in Sydney and so mainly live in country costal areas or in the bush. If you ever visit those places you go with a tour on a four wheel drive bus, and the Dingos and crocs don't even have enough money to have keys cut so they can't open the door. Simple.

The birds are probably the most amazing thing in Australia. There are so many colours and varieties and they all have different voices and songs. It's like a symphony orchestra full of punk rockers. A lot of our birds and animals are found only in Australia, and I wouldn't be surprised if 400 was correct.

I hope you do get the chance to visit one day. Although Australia is known for the strange and sometimes fierce wildlife, it is very rare that anyone is ever hurt by it. And when you see some of these animals up close in a zoo or wildlife sanctuary you will realize why they live in Australia. They are just plain lazy and couldn't be bothered to move.

So don't be afraid to visit. There are so many more good and interesting things than bad or dangerous ones. Thank you for writing. Don't be a stranger.



Thanks. That made us all smile.

Mini WB thought that perphaps the bear was listening to one of those nature CD's with the sounds of running water and punk rocker birds. She had me print out the story so she could keep it.

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