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Fourth Son

How about Blog Books!

I bet it has already been taken by some smart arse though.
If not, I claim this name in the name of naming...something..or other!!


Sounds mighty interesting. I too ran out of good stuff to read recently so am reading my daughter's Lemony Snickett books and they are really good so nothing lost there.
That can be my first recommendation to you. Of course the other would be The Hyperion series by Dan Simmons - pure friggin' genius. Count me in on a blog book club.

Johnny the Horse

Good stuff! Hyperion I don't know, but will now look them up. The missus gave me the Lemony Snickett series for Christmas and I had forgotten. I will give those a go next I think.


I love reading a good book, and really hate it when its finished. Thats why I read a lot of books multiple times.

I read the first Hyperion book a while back. Took me a while to get in but its good. Want to read the others when I can find them.

I'm happy to contribute to a review blog, but mine would be mostly movies.

Johnny the Horse

Actually Sponky, the movie suggestion was made with you in mind.


I'm ready for a good story, conversation and/or debate myself, although I am swamped at the moment and so I hesitate to commit myself.

Johnny the Horse

No commitment. If you read a book let us know what you thought. If one of us has read the book we will be able to post comments. Sooner or later we will have each others measure and know whose taste is similar to who, and then the reomendations will be useful.


oh i like that idea, but i'm for reading the same book together, at whatever pace, you could just pop in to that particular book discussion and pitch in when you wanted.

Motherless Brooklyn JtH--fan.tas.tic. concerns a low-level mafia guy, smart tho. problem is he has Tourette's syndrome--the twitch and shout disease. wonderful book.


I think a separate blog for an ongoing book discussion might work best. otherwise the discussion gets buried within yur reg blog...

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