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Could be those golfing skills that are holding you back, golf being the political game that it is. Let's discuss your technique over a beer in Woolloomooloo, beat the Pommies, unless of course they like being beaten =) and of course, dessert will be in order after that. You may also have to practise your croc westling skills. Dress appropriately.


Can the foreign contingent vote? If so, let me know, I'd be happy to head up the "US Wants Johnny the Horse as Australian of the Year" campaign.

It will, of course, require retraining most Americans, who I that Paul Hogan and Yahoo Serious should be top contenders in this category. (I always did like that Yahoo Serious, mind you.)

I'd consider moving there temporarily, to vote as a legitmate resident, but then, frankly, you'd have to translate most of your requirements for me. :)

Johnny the Horse

WB - Yes a beer in Woolloomooloo sounds like the go, but you have to stop using "golfing" and "skill" in the same sentence when talking about me. lol

Sarcasmo - You're a Bonza Sheila. Yahoo Serious! Now there's a name I never thought to hear again.

Fourth Son

Well if you lot are going to nominate JTH then I nominate the old guy who wobbles and lurches his way past JTH's place every afternoon talking to those undoubtably Australian voices, only that only such an Australian would know, holding his VB longneck in a brown paper bag and scaring the local-if-only-they-were-really-homeless dogs!

Actually while I was in Woolloomooloo the other day I did see a few more of his brethren. They prefer under the rail overpass.

And besides his graspable extremities are bigger!

Johnny the Horse

Thats no way to talk about my Dad!


Get %$^%$%##@^$#@@!!!!!

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