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Politics and Poetry = Blog Suicide

The premier of our province, known as King Ralph, is essentially as red necked as they come and he has been known to down a few drinks. On the last occassion, he went to the local homeless centre and told the inhabitants that their problems would be solved if they'd just get a job.

One might note though that such politcal drama usually occurs just as he is trying to shuffle some bill through government, thereby detering the journo's from reporting the real events and instead, focusing on the so-called inappropriate behaviour.

Ralph has also been known to tell the ranchers to shoot, shovel and shut up when it comes to the BSE crisis.

Gotta love politics.


Hear hear Johnny. I'm just not politically minded. Much to Téa's chagrin. (Hey, I just used chagrin in a sentence. Woo me!)

Johnny the Horse

Yes, Tea and Dogfight came to mind when I spoke of those who blog politics well

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