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I missed a couple of posts yesterday, not being accustomed to looking for more than one a day.

Good post. It has that end of the week kind of feel to it. I envy the heat, although I know it can be uncomfortable to live through it.

I've never read Bernard Cornwell.

Rowdy Theologian

My neighbors' arguments smell like tacos, but that's standard for south Texas.


My neighbours don't argue. They don't even smell.

But a great image.

And a nice post.

I read it last night as I kept an eye on the tennis...while...er...half naked...and...er...


"They're Chinese so their arguments always smell good, but an hour later you want another." - BWAH!

We've had a couple of really hot sticky nights here too. And some nights the temprature also been high (boom tish!).

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