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I think our changes have almost been opposite - although our paths similar. In my early twenties I was engaged to be married, terribly determined if not terribly serious, and knew exactly my and everyone else's place in the world. (After all, I was about 21. Who doesn't know everything there is to know by then?)

My engagement broke up, and I met and began dating the man I was to marry in my mid twenties. I began to focus more on the things I wanted and less on the expectations I felt everyone else had for my life. I became increasingly more silly, and began to recognize that I knew less about life and the world than I had previously thought.

Now I am in my early thirties, newly (and disappointly divorced) - but I find I have a stronger sense of self, a much greater degree of silliness, a lesser grasp on where my future is headed and a firm belief that I know less about the way the universe works than ever before.

If anything, I am de-maturing.

And I find that very exciting.

Johnny the Horse

I'm fighting it Sarcasmo. Believe me. I'm fighting it.




Quickly, because I have to fly.

Look at nature. There are swans that mate for life. There are birds that go from nest to nest. There are birds that stay together for a season.

Human nature may be evolving because it is denying what society or the church deems as right.

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