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I am not a mathematician, or a physicist so I feel compelled to comment. I too love to watch people who have knowledge in almost any field, especially if it is a field that I have some knowledge about. It’s as if that little bit of knowledge helps me to understand the complexity of the task.

I love philosophy too but don’t dare to say I have truly studied it, although I have studied a few theories in my time. As for physics, I took that in High School. I loved the teacher, he had a true love of teaching and it showed. Back in High School, I didn’t care much for science but at times found the topic of physics interesting, which says a lot for the subject, given my age. School is wasted on the young, isn’t it?

It never ceases to amaze me the small degrees of separation in life. We’ve already found that art and history are closely related, so it is not a stretch that Philosophy and Physics maye also be related.

Now I’m just waiting for that bottle of wine and the discussion about the missing link between science and our understanding of where we fit.

Johnny the Horse

The more wine consumed, the clearer the understanding becomes methinks! Stop complaining about the cold weather in Canada and get the family to Australia. A bottle or two of wine between the four of us and we will have theories for everything whether those things require them or not I'm sure.


i don't have a comment for this post.


Now Yvonne you just demonstrated how a paradox works! :)


I like string cheese, does that count?

Johnny the Horse

Does it go well with wine? If so then yes.

Deepak. I thought a paradox was the boots I wear on weekends. (Sorry, that was terrible).


This is an email, almost verbatim from my Uncle re this post.

To deal with such a deep subject I have a mundane problem ; my flooring guys are coming to finish sanding and oiling my floors and when they get here I'll lose access to my computer for up to 48 hours. So , I'll make a start and see how far I get

Not sure what u mean by 'philosophy sits fairly comfortably in between the general theory of relativity and the sub atomic idea of quantum mechanics.' If you mean this in a general way I'd need you to define your terms and we could discuss philosophy's relationship to science and the history of science.If you
mean it as a personal observation of your perspective then fair enough ; who am I to argue with how you try
personally to get your head around these difficult concepts? To each his own. We could still have a discussion which might end up with both of us modifying our 'personal' view - becoming either more , or less , confused. But it would be different to a more rigorously scientific and historic discussion.

[ the guys just arrived but I can stay here for an hour or so ; so settle in ]
[ phone call from work ]
[ Wife steals phone]
[questions and bullshit ( typical) from workmen ]

You mention randomness - this matches my responses here which are incoherently random. The interesting thing
about randomness is that it does not imply chaos. Obviously a great deal of order has arisen in the universe from its basic randomness at the quantum level. Throw two dice and the various possible sums of the dice come up in random order , but the overall statistics of the frequency of each possible result form a very nice bell-shaped graph ( order ).There is also order in chaos. The three body problem has stumped mathematicians for ever. Considering the orbits of two bodies in space around each other astronomers can exactly predict their behaviour for millions of years. Introduce a third body and it all breaks down due to the sensitivity of the equations to starting conditions and small errors.; errors multiply and the results rapidly fail to match reality. The objects don't crash , the maths does. The maths is chaotic but the bodies are not . The math has it's limits ; an amazing tool which has served science well , but it does not have all the answers. There is order in and from randomness and even order in chaos. This is certainly one for the philosophers. Is it a property of the Universe ( space & time ) that order will appear out of the randomness of quantum states?

As for strings I just don't know. When I was at school the atom only had a nucleus and electrons ; now there are a plethora of particles , many of them invoked theoretically to account for some glitch in a theory or experimental observation. String theory seems to add mathematical complexities to cover a similar process. 10 dimensions , 20 , 30 .... and so on - not to mention the twisted higher maths. It all seems a bit of a game . Theory doesn't work? Tack on a new dimension or make our string vibrate or rotate or go f'tang. If it really did produce a theory of LTUAE how many would actually understand it?

[ the guys are breathing down my neck ]

Five realities ! Only five? Not sure what that's about. I'd have to see the program. Some scientists seem to say that new realities are being created all the time. I can't handle even one !

I like the dinner party analogy . I think your topic could trim some of the other stuff - unless u want it to be really really long - and concentrate on this idea. I think it's a good one.


That is all.Send me the finished article. please.

Uncle Javahead

Ok. Back to me. The idea of philosophy sitting between GTOR and QM is that many physicists disagree on the relationship between the two. Therefore philosophy can be the argument for and/or against this relationship. Scientific research is also at home there, but my perspective in this case is philosophy as I can use it to make my argument without resorting to equations on a chalkboard.

The rest? You are the intelligentsia of the family. I think I'll have to come and see the new floors, use your pool and have a bottle of wine from your cellar before sitting down and making the dinner analogy a reality with you and Aunty Javahead.

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