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Wow, I just ate that post up. What a great recap. Probably better than watching the show!

(I've never heard of the show, but I'm not terribly well versed about what's on t.v.)


BWAH!! You have GOT to do further recaps of this show J.

Hee, I totally wasnt going to watch this show, then I totally did, and then I totally cracked up. Good stuff.

Johnny the Horse

Thank you both. It's nice to do a good post after the recent piffle. You can count on next week.


please continue with the recaps... i've never heard of it.

sounds like a riot!


I've never heard of this show. Sounds promising though. Like to see that six pack.

Mrs A.

It is easy to se why I love him so much. What a funny fellow I married. Handy too, now I can go to bed early but never miss a thing on the box! In fact I don't think that I'll even try to stay up for next week's episode of "Outback Jack", I'll just wait 'til Thursday and read about it.

The other good thing about having such a clever husband is that sometimes I beat him to things (i.e words) and that is one of the sweetest things there is. Last night while we were visiting our sick relative, Johnny was telling a funny anecdote but substituted a specific term for the word 'whatsi' and I was able to take advantage of the situation and fill in the gap. Pointing that out to the entire room brought much laughter and a great sense of pride. I love him but I also love having a smart moment to his forgetful one.


I'm tuning in for episode two.

On this blog that is.

Great post.


The other way to get the authentic Outback Joe sixpack is by laughing at your recap. You owe it to your public to write more recaps.

Johnny the Horse

Thanks everyone. No pressure for next week lol. Still chuckling over the "whatsi" incident are you my love? I shall have my revenge.


Hey horse guy. I really hope you don't mind that I called you that. It's such a fun name to play with. :)

Johnny the Horse

No worries BF. I didn't choose JtH as a blog persona cause it sounded serious.


jeez, that goanna would have me in cardiac arrest, but I'd like to see the reality show where outback jack navigates his way through Camden NJ, aka Murder Town USA. wait, maybe that was already a movie... starring that "G'day" guy...what's his name?

Johnny the Horse

Hey Em. Murder town? The G'day guy? We're all Gday guys here. Are you talking Paul Hogan or Steve Irwin? They would be the only Aussies many Americans would know I suppose.

Air Jordan

I should remember your pleasures with gratitude, as i would the harvest of a good time.

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