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My friend was at the grocery store in her shorts and one of the employees said to another employee,"Are chicken legs on sale today?"

To this day, she's unsure if it was a serious question or not.


we NEED a picture of you in your Aussie business man get up. This is necessary for the post to have the full impact.


Good point, Yvonne.

Johnny the Horse

Hahahahahahahaha, NO!


But that's what I want for Christmas, how 'bout you Yvonne?


it's at the top of my list!


you know, Johnny, you really shouldn't hold it against us for wanting a picture of your knees... you brought it up! you're not hiding something are you?


and there you are under the Aussie sun, while over here the temp is just about freezing, days are soooo dark, no sunshine. All the lights are on in our house all the time. And the fire in the evening. No I'm not jealous.


You know JtH, I showed the blogging world my knees. It's only fair. At the risk of starting something I can't finish, I showed you mine....lol.

Johnny the Horse

The largest amount of comments is on a post about my knees. I'm sure that says something, lol. Fair enough, I will bow to pressure to a degree. I will allow a photo with shorts, just not the full clobber with tie and long socks.


just make sure the shorts aren't girly and we'll be okay. however, if you choose to wear girly shorts, i guess we'll just have to deal with it. we're friends here.


We love your mind too JtH, but we've already seen parts of it, that's why we're so keen on the legs.

...Actually, I just realized how that sounded. I was wondering if I should edit, but decided you could take it!

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"To do great work a man must be very idle as well as very industrious."

----------- by Samuel Bubler, American educator

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