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It's still Dec. 30 up here in the Great White North. So I have another day to throw things at 2004.

Happy New Year to you.


A very happy and auspicious New Year to you. Have fun!

Fourth Son

Bugger! I missed it!!

Oh well...wake me at a few minutes to midnight Dec 31 this year will you.

Happy New Year!

Johnny the Horse

BF - I would love to see snow for New Year. Send some my way.

Sarcasmo - Auspicious it shall be, and always fun. Thanks!

Fourth Son - If you were asleep then who the hell was in my house on NYE????


Paris Hilton is, in fact, one of the Hilton's of the Hotel chain... so she's a rich girl. Wanna see Paris get killed? She starred in a movie called "Nine Lives" and she gets whacked but good! (probably cause she can't act worth a poo!) And you are right, there is absolutely no reason at all why she should be famous. She simply is.

And I wouldn't say that anything you've listed in your post is behind the times at all. Seems like you're right on top of things there Johnny-boy! But, what the heck's an iPod? I don't get out much! :D

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